Faint of heart?

I had lunch with my friend Dmitry today who told me about this Russian motorcyclist he ran into who just rode around the world over 100,000km. He had quite a few colorful stories to recount, involving biker gangs in Australia and being sliced up by machetes in Africa. Unfortunately I missed meeting him because this happened around August when I was gone from Seattle. He does have a blog though, although it’s in Russian, which I don’t suppose any of you read: http://www.filosof.md/route/. Clicking on the US flag appears to bring up an English version of the blog that someone appears to have translated: http://filosof.md//eng/. There’s just a few entries though, and the translation is rather sketchy. It’s a shame – it would have made for pretty entertaining reading.

If nothing else, watch this video of him stitching up his face in a hotel room with a needle, floss and pliers. I made it about halfway through before I started screaming. :P


3 comments to Faint of heart?

  • Thomas

    Hi! Now that you are of the road I am back reading http://www.kccd.no/home_en.html. This is a round the world trip on 70 year old bikes. The trip started in’09 and still going. The guy who is writing the blog is so funny.
    Check it out.

  • Thomas

    Where was my editor?

  • redbaroness

    @Thomas: Thanks for the link! I checked it out briefly, but I don’t think I’m interested in following a bunch of guys who can mock other men by calling them “girlie-men”. That’s looking down on women at the same time as mocking a couple of guys who did a lot to made adventure riding popular. Yeah they had new bikes and a support crew, but they *rode* their bikes and finished the ride. If people want to go whine about it, fine. I don’t have much patience for them though.

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