Wrenching and fixer-upping

Since I shouldn’t be all doom and gloom and remember all the work I’ve put into getting my bikes running, here’s a somewhat positive post about all the fixing and maintenance I managed to do over the past month or two (with major thanks to Mark Price without whom I might have dragged this out […]

Bike fix/maintenance checklist

Checklist of the things I need to do on the bikes somewhat in order of priority:

SV – Fix suspension problems ($150) – Replace front tire ($150) – Check brake fluids (replace stripped out screw on reservoir) – Find nuts and bolts for Givi windscreen ($10?) – Fix Garmin mount – Fix ignition key issue […]

Motorcycle Maintenance class

I registered for this class at Lake Washington Technical College yesterday:

Motorcycle Maintenance

COVM 048 Non-credit $189

Roll up your sleeves and get ready to get your hands dirty. This basic course for enthusiasts includes engine theory, electrical and fuel […]